Zeeland is recognized as a leading aquaculture region, attracting companies from around the world, including industry technology leaders like Kingfish and Seafarm. The region's established cluster provides benefits such as knowledge transfer and the exchange of best practices, supported by a robust support industry and a dynamic research ecosystem, including cold chain logistics providers.

Meet Albert Meiresonne during Blue Innovation Food Summit

Our colleague Albert Meiresonne is attending the Blue Innovation Food Summit on 23-24 May in London. Do you want to learn more about the land-based aquaculture cluster and its innovations in Zeeland? Get in touch with Albert during the Blue Innovation Summit!

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Zeeland: the best location for your aquaculture business

Zeeland is a premier location for companies looking to tap into the booming global aquaculture market. With its pristine water sources, excellent infrastructure, favorable business climate, and supportive government policies, Zeeland is the ideal place to establish and grow your aquaculture business.

Zeeland offers unique advantages for land-based aquaculture
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Albert Meiresonne

Manager Foreign Direct Investments & International Trade