Working towards a better future

We strive for sustainable development of businesses in Zeeland and the regional economy. Together with companies, government bodies and knowledge institutions, we develop and strengthen ecosystems: we bring specialisations from different sectors together in programmes and projects.

Our ultimate goal is to help you, the entrepreneur, with innovation and growth, so that together we can create a strong, sustainable and future-proof Zeeland.

An impulse for Zeeland

We provide a valuable contribution to developments and transitions in our delta region. As such, we are active in the top sectors of agrifood, logistics and tourism. Do you, as an entrepreneur, want to innovate and become more sustainable? We are here to help! This is how we contribute to a stronger economy and a more future-proof Zeeland. We are proud of that.

Identifying opportunities

We look for opportunities, think in terms of possibilities and inspire others with innovative ideas. With our vast knowledge and experience, endless ambition and ever-growing network, we create connections and movement. As an entrepreneur you can benefit from this. We do this free of charge, as an independent party with impressive references.


Why work with us?

We put our knowledge, experience and network to good use, in various ways. We act as a sounding box, initiator, catalyst of projects, and as a connector.

Our aim is to support ambitious entrepreneurs like you in expanding, establishing, or further developing your company. We do this by sharing our knowledge on innovating, internationalising and investing, and by introducing you to our network. We present you with inspiring ideas and open doors that would otherwise remain closed.

We stimulate major changes, such as in the areas of energy transition, circular economy and digitalisation. Together with government bodies, businesses and knowledge institutions, we develop valuable projects and programmes. To achieve optimum results, we develop ecosystems with specialisations from various top sectors within the region and play a connecting, advisory or executive role in them. This accelerates innovation and sustainability.

We think in terms of opportunities. We connect parties that jointly have the potential to make a positive impact on Zeeland’s economy. With our international network, we put Zeeland on the map - worldwide. For international companies that want to do business in Zeeland and/or introduce new products and services, we make things as easy as possible. In short: we show companies the way in doing business without borders. And without obstacles.