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You are looking for financing opportunities for your business idea. Perhaps you want to start a new business, double the turnover of your existing business, improve its sustainability, buy a new machine or develop a prototype. We can help you with innovative plans. The first step is the financing check. With this you can check whether you are eligible for our services.

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The following funds offer financing possibilities from €15,000 to €2,500,000:

Innovation subsidies

Wij zijn het eerste aanspreekpunt voor een aantal Europese Innovatiesubsidies.

Financing Table West Brabant/Zeeland

At the financing table, we look at the financing needs of start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs who have potential for growth, and introduce these entrepreneurs to financiers and investors who have funding available. These financiers bring in their knowledge, network and financing possibilities to help you progress in your business plans. Knowledge, capital and networking!


Need help with funding?

Our Investment Managers will help you find the right funding and we support you and act as your sounding board.

Jordi Suurmond

Investment Manager

Yvonne Braamse

Investment Manager

Edwin van Houte

Manager Innovation Finance

Irma Kosters

Investment Manager

Rosco Ephraïm

Investment Manager

Ralph Veerhoek

Investment Manager

Peter Gideonse

Project Supporter