Who is it for?

Zeeland FM is for SME businesses in Zeeland that are in need of financing. These companies must have the intention to improve their position in the market and their competitiveness.

What do we offer?

The help of a financial specialist can play an important role in obtaining funding or a subsidy. A good presentation of the figures and a strategic underpinning are more likely to result in your plans being approved. Zeeland FM covers 50% of the costs of hiring a financial specialist, up to a maximum of €2,500. If the financing need exceeds €750,000, the maximum voucher contribution is €5,000.

The contribution of Zeeland FM is intended to make it easier to engage the services of a financial specialist and thus strengthen your financing application.

Repayment plan

If you have received financing, a repayment plan applies. The repayment will be used to help other entrepreneurs in Zeeland. The following percentages apply to the repayment plan:

  • Financing to a maximum of €750,000,- 50% of the Zeeland FM contribution
  • Financing above €750,000,- 75% of the Zeeland FM contribution
  • Zeeland FM is made possible by the Province of Zeeland and Impuls Zeeland.


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Jordi Suurmond

Investment Manager