Impuls Zeeland Facilitates Schelde Exotech's Success in Zeeland's Energy Transition

In collaboration with Impuls Zeeland, Schelde Exotech found the ideal location for establishing their business in Zeeland. Additionally, we provided support during the permit process. This allows the company to focus on what they do best: designing, manufacturing, and installing high-quality equipment for the process industry, thereby contributing to the energy transition.

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Impuls Zeeland: Empowering Vermeer's Growth in Europe and Beyond

Zeeland is an ideal location for businesses. Impuls Zeeland supports Vermeer's growth. Join the thriving companies in this province in the Netherlands.

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E-commerce company Alternate chose Zeeland because of its A4 motorway

Nico Bommeljé, director of e-commerce company Alternate, chose Tholen in Zeeland to establish and expand the business. The location along the A4 motorway was the deciding factor.

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For Kingfish Zeeland the choice for Zeeland was easy

Kingfish Zeeland didn’t have to think twice about where they wanted to produce and export their sustainably farmed fish. At the base of the Zeeland Bridge, the company benefits from a good location, strong aquaculture sector, strategic location and financing for its innovations.

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Zeewaar: Pioneering Seaweed Farming in Zeeland

In 2013 heeft Zeewaar in het Zeeuwse Kamperland de eerste zeewierboerderij van Nederland opgericht. Wij ondersteunden het bedrijf bij vestigen, met netwerkcontacten en financiering.

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Goes is the perfect location for Timesavers International B.V.

Timesavers International B.V. is located at De Poel business park in Goes. The company specializes in a wide range of machines for grinding, deburring metal sheets, finishing, and precision grinding. In a video, Paul Hartendorp, Managing Director, shares why Goes is the perfect location and praises Impuls Zeeland's network and services.

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Team Industrial Services: Choosing Zeeland for Ideal Business Location

Team Industrial Services, provider of industrial services, chose Zeeland because of its favourable location, its loyal employees and the many partnerships that support businesses.


Ørsted: Zeeland has got an excellent infrastructure

Danish wind farm builder Ørsted chose a base in the North Sea Port of Vlissingen in 2017 for the construction and maintenance of the Borssele 1 and 2 wind farms.

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Zeeland Refinery: Zeeland offers us crucial hinterland connections

Zeeland Refinery: The location on the Westerschelde estuary and the good connections with the hinterland were very important in the location choice and are still crucial.