When the company came to Zeeland, it received support from Impuls Zeeland together with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, the Province of Zeeland and the municipality of Noord-Beveland.

Partly thanks to InnoGo, our innovation and financing programme, Kingfish was able to start part of the breeding cycle, namely the breeding of larvae. The farming conditions at Kingfish Zeeland are fully controllable, which makes sustainable farming possible.

Ohad Maiman, the CEO of Kingfish Zeeland, originally from Israel:
“The area that has been specifically set up for aquaculture not only offers the clean water of the Oosterschelde, but also the infrastructure needed for our fish farm. This will allow us to deliver fresh fish on demand all over Europe.”

Discover the Zeeland Advantage: Ideal Positioning and Government Support

Ohad Maiman, the CEO (originally from Israel) and Kees Kloet, director of operations, talk about why they chose Zeeland to establish their business: “With Kingfish Zeeland, we offer high quality fish, which is currently only available in limited quantities and has to be flown in from Japan or Australia. Our new location in Colijnsplaat is perfectly positioned in terms of logistics and distribution channels to sell the fish all over Europe. Zeeland also has the ambition to grow into a leading hub for aquaculture. We received a lot of support from the local authorities, the international expertise of NFIA (Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency) and Impuls Zeeland. The choice for Zeeland was quickly made.”

Embrace the Sustainable Delicacy: Yellowtail Kingfish

“The Yellowtail Kingfish is a sustainable alternative to tuna, and is very easy to cultivate in the Dutch climate. We expect that there will be a lot of demand for this delicious fish among fish buyers at restaurants and delis in Europe.”

Witness the Growth: Since its establishment in Zeeland, Kingfish Zeeland has already made several expansion investments at the location near Colijnsplaat. Join the movement towards sustainable aquaculture with Kingfish Zeeland.


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