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Zeeland offers many interesting locations for setting up your business. Whether you are starting up or expanding. But which locations are available, what do they cost, and what are the terms of contract, opportunities and risks? We will be happy to help you find the ideal location in Zeeland for your company.

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Top sectors

Zeeland has already won its spurs in numerous sectors, some of which are especially attractive for establishing or expanding a business. There are also numerous partnership initiatives within Zeeland that are making great strides in the circular economy and energy transition - to help make your business more sustainable.

Establishing your chemical company in Zeeland

One of the largest chemical clusters in Northwest Europe offers facilities, symbiosis opportunities, and a strategic location for both chemical companies and suppliers. Zeeland also offers unique advantages for plastic pyrolysis.

Establishing your agrifood business in Zeeland

In Zeeland, we are pushing hard for the protein transition and the province is seeing substantial developments in the area of robotisation in the sector. Zeeland offers many advantages in this regard. In particular for the production of insect-based proteins, plant-based meat substitutes and land-based aquaculture.

Establishing your logistics company in Zeeland

Strategically located, strong network of multimodal transport and congestion-free connections. Establish your business in the energy hub of the Netherlands.

Establishing your energy company in Zeeland

Zeeland is the energy hub of the Netherlands, with a mix of offshore wind energy, solar energy, sustainable hydrogen, a strong circular economy, and innovation.


Why Zeeland?

Zeeland is located right on the North Sea Port, a top port in Europe, and in between two other ports of global importance. And the best part: there is still room to establish your business here.

In Zeeland, the business community, knowledge institutes, and local governments work together intensively and the lines of communication are kept short. This increases your chances of innovation, success, and attracting talent for the future.

Zeeland has good arterial roads with barely any traffic jams or delays. No delays on the road, nor on the water or in data traffic. In other words: fast, efficient and reliable transport.

In Zeeland, we know that together we can achieve more than on our own. The many innovative partnerships generate a wealth of interesting connections and valuable opportunities.

The beautiful coast, a great variety of festivals, spacious houses, good schools, hardly any traffic jams, and a wide range of restaurants. Life in Zeeland is beautiful and that makes for happy, active employees.


How we can help you?

Make use of our extensive services for the establishment or expansion of your company in Zeeland.

Subsidies and incentives

Subsidies and incentives can contribute significantly to the financing of your business in Zeeland. In addition to the favourable corporate tax in the Netherlands, both the regional and national government and Europe offer many reliable incentives from which you can benefit.

Legal and fiscal matters

Whether you want to establish or expand your (head) office, production location, R&D, logistics operations or start-up in Zeeland, it is important to be well-advised on which legal form is best for you.

Selection of locations

Let us help you find the ideal location that is perfectly suitable for your business activities and matches your vision for the future.


A good business network is of vital importance for entrepreneurs. When you enter a new market, it is not always easy to find your way to the right contacts. We can help.

Permit procedures

As an entrepreneur, you will naturally want to get started quickly. To this end, it is important that you apply for the correct permits and that you submit these correctly and as completely as possible. The help of an expert can make the permit process much easier.

Export promotion

We help you gain insight into the export process and put you in touch with our network of local partners. They can tell you everything about the laws and regulations, taxes, interesting partners, promising sectors and branch organisations.

Entrepreneur stories

Read why these companies chose Zeeland and how we helped them.

Invest Logistics Internationalize

E-commerce company Alternate chose Zeeland because of its A4 motorway

Nico Bommeljé, director of e-commerce company Alternate, chose Tholen in Zeeland to establish and expand the business. The location along the A4 motorway was the deciding factor.

vestigen investeren Agrifood

For Kingfish Zeeland the choice for Zeeland was easy

Kingfish Zeeland didn’t have to think twice about where they wanted to produce and export their sustainably farmed fish. At the base of the Zeeland Bridge, the company benefits from a good location, strong aquaculture sector, strategic location and financing for its innovations.


Musim Mas feels welcome in the Netherlands

In 2014, Indonesian palm oil producer Musim Mas Group invested thirty million euros in a new factory at the Dow site: Maschem BV. Impuls Zeeland assisted the company, one of the world’s largest palm oil producers, with its establishment in Zeeland.


LUXimprove increased its network

LUXimprove, an importer of LED lighting, benefited from Impuls Zeeland’s broad network.

vestigen investeren Agrifood

Seaweed pioneers Zeewaar

In 2013 heeft Zeewaar in het Zeeuwse Kamperland de eerste zeewierboerderij van Nederland opgericht. Wij ondersteunden het bedrijf bij vestigen, met netwerkcontacten en financiering.

vestigen investeren

Bio Base Pack Europe received support in establishing and financing the company

Innovative Biobase Pack Europe and its parent company HemCell® have received assistance from Impuls Zeeland in establishing and financing the company in Zeeland.


Ørsted: Zeeland’s excellent infrastructure

Danish wind farm builder Ørsted chose a base in the North Sea Port of Vlissingen in 2017 for the construction and maintenance of the Borssele 1 and 2 wind farms.


DSV Solutions went for a favourable location

In 2019, with the help of Impuls Zeeland, logistics service provider DSV set up business at the Welgelegen business park in Tholen. They chose this location because of its favourable location between Rotterdam and Antwerp.


Goes is the perfect location for Timesavers International B.V.

Timesavers International B.V. is located at De Poel business park in Goes. The company specialises in a wide range of machines for grinding, deburring metal sheets, finishing and precision grinding.


Zeeland Refinery: hinterland connections crucial

Zeeland Refinery: The location on the Westerschelde estuary and the good connections with the hinterland were very important in the location choice and are still crucial.


Amels & Damen: Vlissingen is ideal business location

AMELS en DAMEN: “Our shipyard facilities here are unmatched in the world and we still have plenty of room for growth.”


Team Industrial Services believes in collaborating

Team Industrial Services, provider of industrial services, chose Zeeland because of its favourable location, its loyal employees and the many partnerships that support businesses.


Kloosterboer chose congestion-free connections

Lineage Logistics in Vlissingen, previously known as Kloosterboer, prefers strategic locations that are easily accessible by water, road and rail, and that is how the company ended up in Zeeland. The good relationship with local governments and possibilities for development were also major plus points.


Vigiles serves European market from Terneuzen

Vigiles is a specialist in fire safety and physical safety. The Vigiles office is located in Terneuzen. From there, they maintain contact with customers in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.


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