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Why Zeeland?

Three quarters of Zeeland’s soil is used for food production. Many large (international) companies have already found their way to Zeeland. Not only because of the good production possibilities, but also because of the many opportunities Zeeland offers for the processing, packaging, storage, transhipment and transport of agrifood products.

In Zeeland, we are pushing hard for the protein transition and the province is seeing substantial developments in the area of robotisation in the sector. Zeeland offers many advantages in this regard. In particular for the production of insect-based proteins, plant-based meat substitutes and land-based aquaculture.

Thanks to its attractive maritime climate, Zeeland is a very suitable location for a variety of players within the agrifood sector.

With an annual average of 1,650 hours of sunshine, Zeeland is the sunniest place in the Netherlands. Fresh clean water is always nearby, for example for fish farming on land or as cooling water for industries.

Zeeland has a very strategic location between two ports of global importance: Rotterdam and Antwerp. And what is more, one of Europe’s largest ports is located right within Zeeland: North Sea Port, which includes the ports of Vlissingen, Terneuzen and Ghent and is also known as the gateway to Europe. Congestion-free connections by water, road and rail provide access to the hinterland and to the North Sea.

Zeeland’s agrifood cluster is large and diverse. From large players in the producing and processing industry to pioneers in the field of aquaculture and the development of sustainable proteins. North Sea Port has its own Food Port with specialised facilities and service providers.

Developments in Zeeland’s agrifood sector

In Zeeland, we are pushing hard for the protein transition and the province is seeing substantial developments in the area of robotisation in the sector.

Entrepreneur stories

Read why these companies chose Zeeland and how we helped them

vestigen Internationalize

Enough: Revolutionizing Protein Production with Mycoprotein in Sas van Gent

Since 2022, the Scottish company Enough makes mycoprotein in Zeeland. They opened the first mycoprotein fabric of Europe, in Sas van Gent. The fabric produces proteins from thus via fungi. Impuls Zeeland and the NFIA helped finding a location in Zeeland and with the permit procedures.

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For Kingfish Zeeland the choice for Zeeland was easy

Kingfish Zeeland didn’t have to think twice about where they wanted to produce and export their sustainably farmed fish. At the base of the Zeeland Bridge, the company benefits from a good location, strong aquaculture sector, strategic location and financing for its innovations.

investeren Agrifood

Zeewaar: Pioneering Seaweed Farming in Zeeland

In 2013 heeft Zeewaar in het Zeeuwse Kamperland de eerste zeewierboerderij van Nederland opgericht. Wij ondersteunden het bedrijf bij vestigen, met netwerkcontacten en financiering.

investeren vestigen Internationalize

Bio Base Pack Europe received support in establishing and financing the company

Innovative Biobase Pack Europe and its parent company HemCell® have received assistance from Impuls Zeeland in establishing and financing the company in Zeeland.

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Whether you want to establish or expand your (head) office, production location, R&D, logistics operations or start-up in Zeeland, it is important to be well-advised on which legal form is best for you.

Subsidies and incentives

Subsidies and incentives can contribute significantly to the financing of your business in Zeeland. In addition to the favourable corporate tax in the Netherlands, both the regional and national government and Europe offer many reliable incentives from which you can benefit.

Selection of locations

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