Room to grow

There are still attractive premises available in various locations in Zeeland. But if you are looking for a (new) location for your business, all sorts of things play an important role. What is currently on offer? What is the price, and what are the contractual terms? What is the potential of that location and are there any risks involved? Which companies are already there? We are here to help. The supply changes constantly, but there is certainly still room for growth in Zeeland.

Location visits

We organize fact finding trips to help you find the right location. And we immediately put you in contact with potential business partners, public authorities, service providers and other contacts relevant to establishing your business. Seeing and experiencing your future location can make it easier for you to make the right decision. At the end of the fact-finding trip, you will have a clear idea of what Zeeland has to offer for your company.

Knowledge & network

We have a large network and will be happy to connect you with it. Is your ideal place of business located at the port? Then we will immediately introduce you to the right contact persons at North Sea Port. We know the companies that are already there and have a good idea of logical connections with suppliers. We have contacts at all levels at companies, institutions, government bodies and other intermediary parties. This means we can introduce you quickly. In addition, we know the local initiatives and relevant partnerships that could be beneficial to you.

Entrepreneur stories

Read why these companies chose Zeeland and how we helped them.

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Enough: Revolutionizing Protein Production with Mycoprotein in Sas van Gent

Since 2022, the Scottish company Enough makes mycoprotein in Zeeland. They opened the first mycoprotein fabric of Europe, in Sas van Gent. The fabric produces proteins from thus via fungi. Impuls Zeeland and the NFIA helped finding a location in Zeeland and with the permit procedures.

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E-commerce company Alternate chose Zeeland because of its A4 motorway

Nico Bommeljé, director of e-commerce company Alternate, chose Tholen in Zeeland to establish and expand the business. The location along the A4 motorway was the deciding factor.

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Goes is the perfect location for Timesavers International B.V.

Timesavers International B.V. is located at De Poel business park in Goes. The company specializes in a wide range of machines for grinding, deburring metal sheets, finishing, and precision grinding. In a video, Paul Hartendorp, Managing Director, shares why Goes is the perfect location and praises Impuls Zeeland's network and services.


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