In addition to its location in Goes, Timesavers International has branches in Minneapolis (USA) and Taiwan. The facility in Goes is a true 'one stop shop': from design and innovation to production, assembly, packaging and distribution. Even the installation and training at the customer’s location are provided from Goes.

Discover Why Goes, Zeeland is the Perfect Location for Timesavers International

In the video below, Paul Hartendorp, Managing Director of Timesavers International, explains why Goes is the perfect location for his company and what he thinks of the services provided by Impuls Zeeland (which at the time still used the brand name Invest in Zeeland to assist companies in setting up business and expanding).

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"There are two things that make Zeeland so special for us. Nature is beautiful here and it offers a wonderfully peaceful environment to live in. This is also reflected in the character and hard-working mentality of the people here.

The second plus point is the infrastructure. We export 95% of our machines to Europe and the rest of the world, so accessibility is crucial for us."

Unlock Your Business Potential with Impuls Zeeland's Network

Impuls Zeeland's extensive network provides invaluable connections for growth plans. Benefit from our expertise and contacts to propel your business forward.

"For me, the value of Impuls Zeeland is in the network they have. They have the contacts I need for my growth plans."

How we can help you

Just like Timesavers International B.V., make use of our extensive services when establishing or investing in your company in Zeeland.

Subsidies and incentives

Subsidies and incentives can contribute significantly to the financing of your business in Zeeland. In addition to the favourable corporate tax in the Netherlands, both the regional and national government and Europe offer many reliable incentives from which you can benefit.


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