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Why Zeeland?

Zeeland is ideally situated between the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. Right in between these ports of global importance, we have our very own port: North Sea Port, which is in the top 10 of Europe’s sea ports in terms of its size. The port area has a direct connection to the North Sea and there is still room for growth.

Its location, multimodal transport options and diversification in goods make North Sea Port an important European port. The port ranks in the top three when it comes to added value.

Large-scale industry in the port area and beyond, such as internationally oriented chemical companies, process industry, food and offshore companies, make use of the logistics specialists that are based here. These include logistics service providers, storage and transhipment, assembly, maintenance and specialised terminals. Goods can therefore be handled quickly and efficiently.

Both in the port and in dedicated logistics-oriented business parks outside it, there is still room for new logistics companies.

Zeeland is easily accessible. The province has a large network of multimodal and congestion-free connections by water, road and rail. These include direct connections to the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp and direct shipping routes to Africa, South America, northern France and Scandinavia.

And to top it all, the hinterland connections often connect seamlessly. A good example is the situation at Food Port Zeeland. Here, seagoing and inland vessels lie side by side at the same quay, warehouses are nearby and road transport also connects directly. This allows for very fast switching. The connection with the hinterland by land is also good and virtually congestion-free.

A number of important developments are currently taking place in the logistics sector, such as the transition to zero emission transport, the shift to autonomous transport and digitalisation and robotisation. Moreover, work is in progress to improve the logistics connections to trading companies and manufacturing companies.

Developments in Zeeland’s logistics sector

Logistics is always in motion. The developments in this sector happen rapidly and we keep track of them. We are active in innovation projects, research, and in supporting companies. In terms of innovation, we are currently working with companies on the following developments.

Entrepreneur stories

We have already helped various companies establish, expand and innovate in the logistics sector.

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E-commerce company Alternate chose Zeeland because of its A4 motorway

Nico Bommeljé, director of e-commerce company Alternate, chose Tholen in Zeeland to establish and expand the business. The location along the A4 motorway was the deciding factor.


Ørsted: Zeeland has got an excellent infrastructure

Danish wind farm builder Ørsted chose a base in the North Sea Port of Vlissingen in 2017 for the construction and maintenance of the Borssele 1 and 2 wind farms.

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Zeeland Refinery: Zeeland offers us crucial hinterland connections

Zeeland Refinery: The location on the Westerschelde estuary and the good connections with the hinterland were very important in the location choice and are still crucial.

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DSV Solutions went for a favourable location

In 2019, with the help of Impuls Zeeland, logistics service provider DSV set up business at the Welgelegen business park in Tholen. They chose this location because of its favourable location between Rotterdam and Antwerp.

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Amels & Damen: Vlissingen is ideal business location

AMELS en DAMEN: “Our shipyard facilities here are unmatched in the world and we still have plenty of room for growth.”


Interested in establishing or expanding your logistics company in Zeeland?

We can guide you through the entire process. From finding a location to financing opportunities and matchmaking.

Selection of locations

Let us help you find the ideal location that is perfectly suitable for your business activities and matches your vision for the future.

Permit procedures

As an entrepreneur, you will naturally want to get started quickly. To this end, it is important that you apply for the correct permits and that you submit these correctly and as completely as possible. The help of an expert can make the permit process much easier.

Legal and fiscal matters

Whether you want to establish or expand your (head) office, production location, R&D, logistics operations or start-up in Zeeland, it is important to be well-advised on which legal form is best for you.

Subsidies and incentives

Subsidies and incentives can contribute significantly to the financing of your business in Zeeland. In addition to the favourable corporate tax in the Netherlands, both the regional and national government and Europe offer many reliable incentives from which you can benefit.


A good business network is of vital importance for entrepreneurs. When you enter a new market, it is not always easy to find your way to the right contacts. We can help.

Trade missions

We offer you the opportunity to participate in trade missions. During these trips, you will meet potential partners and/or customers and build your own network in the region you want to do business in.

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