Zeeland is a good place to do business. Many companies have already found their way to this province because of the favourable economic climate, the good hinterland connections via congestion-free, multimodal routes, the no-nonsense attitude of the locals, and the pleasant living environment. Impuls Zeeland has helped a lot of companies establish and expand their business in Zeeland, such as the American manufacturer Vermeer who has an establishment in ’s-Heer Arendskerke.

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Discover Vermeer: A Leading Global Manufacturer

Vermeer is a worldwide manufacturer with headquarters in the United States. The location of Vermeer in ’s-Heer Arendskerke is the regional distribution center for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. They have been in this location for over 40 years. But in the last 3 years they made a commitment to really grow in the EMEA-region. Impuls Zeeland helped them.

"Impuls Zeeland really understands the area"

“Impuls Zeeland really understands the area and what companies are going through when they are trying to invest and grow and everything like that. So they have been an excellent resource for us to be able to connect with other OEM companies that are going to the same type of things that we can grow and learn from together. The other thing they do is to help us to understand different incentives that could be available for the green initiatives we have going on already at our facility."

Impuls Zeeland: Nurturing Partnerships for Success

Laura Walhout, Foreign Direct Investments Manager at Impuls Zeeland: “Vermeer is a great example of how we cooperate within the Invest in Holland network and how we can support them from different angles. And, we’d like to stay involved with any questions they might have in the (near) future.”

We are here to help!

Laura Walhout

Foreign Direct Investment Manager

Albert Meiresonne

Manager Foreign Direct Investments & International Trade

Rogier van der Torren

Foreign Direct Investments Manager