"Accessibility is crucial to us. Many of our products are shipped through the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam."

Schelde Exotech's Search for the Perfect Base in Zeeland

The main challenge for Schelde Exotech was finding the right location for their growing company. "We briefly considered relocating to North Brabant, but fortunately, we found an excellent place here. Accessibility is crucial to us, not only due to the central location for our employees but also because many of our products are shipped through the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam," says Jos Mols, Director of Schelde Exotech.

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How Impuls Zeeland Facilitated Success: A Partnership with Schelde Exotech

"When Impuls Zeeland connected with Schelde Exotech in 2018, the idea of relocation was already in the air. We helped identify various locations in Zeeland to determine their ideal establishment. Additionally, we facilitated connections with relevant stakeholders throughout the process. In the background, we closely monitored the permit procedures, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience," stated Albert Meiresonne from Impuls Zeeland.

Schelde Exotech: Accelerating the Energy Transition

Founded in 1998 through the merger of Schelde MT products, Schelde AKF, and Schelde Ketelbouw, Schelde Exotech has emerged as a key player in the industry. With their expertise in a niche market, they are driving the energy transition forward and contributing significantly to the port area's development.

Impuls Zeeland remains committed to collaborating closely with Schelde Exotech, supporting their ongoing growth and development! Regenerate response


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