This voucher provides entrepreneurs with an opportunity to structurally improve their business operations. The incentive offers easily accessible means to make changes and emerge stronger from the crisis as a company. Normally, most incentives offered by Impuls Zeeland are intended for innovative businesses. But with so many companies being affected by the Coronavirus crisis, an exception has been made by broadening the criteria. This means that every entrepreneur in Zeeland is eligible for this specific incentive.

Who is it for?

A stronger focus on online sales, an expansion of the online product range and the use of e-commerce are examples of improvements that qualify for the incentive scheme. All companies that can demonstrate that they can sustainably improve their processes and performances or strengthen their innovative capacity, can apply.


The incentive scheme reimburses 50% of the invoice costs excluding VAT (with a maximum contribution of €2,500). These invoice costs must concern external costs for the innovation process or process/performance improvement.

Development of new webshop Mcomm

Marketing & communication agency Mcomm made changes to the way it offers its services. The contribution received under the new incentive went towards the development of a webshop for the sale of social media services and the posting of vacancies. The company was thus able to expand its range of services and pay part of the development costs of the webshop.

“With our webshop, we look for customers instead of the customer having to look. Thanks in part to the contribution from the incentive, we were able to develop it quickly,” - Marco van Belle, director of Mcomm

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