For SMEs or startups with a convincing and innovative idea:

  • Advice and guidance: intensive guidance from an advisor who will point out pitfalls and success factors in developing a new product, service or process;
  • Network: access to the extensive network of Impuls, Dockwize and the InnoGo! committee with companies, government bodies and knowledge and educational institutes;
  • Financing: personal loan of up to €300,000 in the first phase of developing an innovative idea or starting up your business.

For SMEs and startups with a good and innovative plan

Do you have an SME or are you a startup with a good and innovative plan? Are you looking for financing as well as advice and guidance, knowledge and a network? InnoGo! offers you the assistance you need.

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InnoGo! is co-financed by the Province of Zeeland.

How does InnoGo! work?

InnoGo offers you advice and guidance, knowledge, a network and financing for the development and realisation of an innovative product, service or process. To be approved for the InnoGo! programme, you will need to present your (business) plan to the InnoGo! committee, which consists of an external team of experts. This committee decides on whether you can participate in the programme and on granting a loan with favourable conditions. An InnoGo! fund manager will help you prepare your presentation for the committee.

Via InnoGo! you can borrow up to €300,000 in the first phase of developing an innovative idea or starting up your business. This loan can be used for things such as developing a prototype, applying for a patent or researching your invention, carrying out a commercial or technical feasibility study, acquiring business premises, paying for external consultancy fees, and the initial start-up costs of a new company. The fund managers of InnoGo! will look at your innovative plan together with you and assist you where needed. The advice and network of the experienced team can help you one step further.

Customised solutions are always possible. InnoGo! is happy to brainstorm with you.

The InnoGo loan is a personal loan at the following favourable conditions:

• First 2 years: grace period (with no interest accruing);

• After that, pay off in 2 to 5 years;

• From the 3rd year: 5% interest;

• Paying off early is allowed without penalty;

• Subordinated loan, ranking below other loans or financing.

Do you want to know if your plan is eligible for financing? Do the financing check.


Ieder lid van de commissie heeft een bepaald expertise met waardevol netwerk. Als InnoGo! deelnemer kun je hiervan profiteren door toegang tot dit netwerk en persoonlijk advies.

Nee, InnoGo! financiert geen managementfees. Dit moet je halen uit je eigen middelen: spaargeld of aanvullende financiering.

Elke aanvraag bij InnoGo! wordt voorgelegd aan de InnoGo! commissie, die bepaalt de hoogte van de lening.

Interested in learning more about InnoGo!?

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