Innovation network FoodDelta Zeeland

FoodDelta Zeeland is a partnership of businesses, knowledge institutions and government bodies. This so-called ‘triple helix’ network aimed at joint innovation and transition of Zeeland’s food cluster, is an organisational form for shaping the future together. The innovation network is made up of the participants, some of whom take a leading role as strategic partners. The network is catalysed and facilitated by Bureau FDZ, the organisation of the FoodDelta Zeeland Foundation.


Participants are large and small companies that are active in the food sector in Zeeland. The food sector comprises the entire food production chain, from source materials to restaurants. Participants take part because they:

  • want to work on the future of their company through innovation
  • realise that innovation requires collaboration with others
  • know they can learn from other participants
  • want to join the interesting theme meetings
  • want to take part in (subsidised) innovation projects
  • want to make their company visible as a collaboration partner
  • want to make their company more attractive to employees
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