How do we do this?

Regional customisation is important to us. We harness as much knowledge and expertise as possible to work on a clean and sustainable Zeeland. Together, we brainstorm intensively on how to give shape to and implement the energy transition in Zeeland. In doing so, we look closely at the opportunities for clean and sustainable resources. From self-sufficient living to electric cars, from factories to farms; in all sectors we are looking for sustainable and smart solutions. In a way that is in keeping with the character of Zeeland. The strategy for Zeeland has been defined and we have an execution plan, which the relevant government bodies and all kinds of businesses and organisations have started to put into action. Zeeland is committed to generating renewable energy as well as to saving energy.

Role of Impuls Zeeland

Impuls Zeeland is one of the initiators and a member of the RES core team. Impuls Zeeland translates the consequences of the energy strategy for businesses in Zeeland and involves them as much as possible. In addition, Impuls Zeeland participates in three ‘round tables’, namely the Electricity, Mobility and Built Environment tables. The Built Environment round table has been chaired by Impuls Zeeland since 2020.

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Peter Bijkerk

Business Development Manager

Carola Helmendach

Project manager Circular economy

Kees-Jan Grin

Project Manager Energy Transition & Circular Economy