The main goal of S4G is to strengthen the circular economy and help businesses become better anchored in the region. In addition, the platform can be of added value for business owners looking to establish their company in Zeeland or West Brabant because the exchange of (residual) flows can be financially beneficial.

Work sessions

Under the name S4G, free meetings and work sessions are organised for the companies to create and accelerate collaborations. During the work sessions, we look at the type of (residual) materials, energy, knowledge, capacity, facilities and innovations the companies have. These exchanges can lead to cost savings, contribute positively to the environment, and stimulate innovation. It is a way to strengthen the regional economy together.

The first meeting that was organised resulted in as many as 91 potential matches. The results from all the meetings are put in a database. This ensures that contacts can be made outside of the work sessions. More potential collaborations can be identified through the database, increasing the chances of matches between companies.

Parties involved

Within the S4G platform, the following parties are involved: Rewin, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and NV Economische Impuls Zeeland form the executive team that organises work sessions and facilitates cross-sectoral symbioses.

The Province of Zeeland, Province of North Brabant, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, Vitaal Sloegebied & Kanaalzone, Smart Delta Resources, Brabant Development Company (BOM), Region West-Brabant and North Sea Port support the initiative.


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Carola Helmendach

Project manager Circular economy

Kees-Jan Grin

Project Manager Energy Transition & Circular Economy