Zeeland Connect is an enterprising and independent network of entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and government bodies, which through connection and collaboration strengthens the position of logistics Zeeland. Zeeland Connect works at the request of businesses and government bodies and its aim is to maximise opportunities in the field of logistics by having all stakeholders work closely together. For each project, we look at which parties the project or research is relevant to, which partners are participating and how the project will be financed. Zeeland Connect acts as a link between supply and demand, but also as an initiator for setting up a wide range of projects.

Innovation lines

To prepare Logistics Zeeland for the future, four Innovation Lines have been defined within which projects are developed and carried out:

  • Logistics flows and connections
  • Zero Emission Logistics
  • Digitalisation and Robotisation
  • Autonomous Transport

Role of Impuls Zeeland

Impuls Zeeland is lead agency for Zeeland Connect and provides innovation line managers in the areas of Logistics flows and connections and Zero Emission Logistics.

Zeeland Connect

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Remco de Rijke

Project manager Logistics and Energy