Diverse energy sector

Zeeland has a strong energy sector. The fact that it is surrounded by water offers many opportunities for tidal energy and wind energy. Added to this, new technologies to source energy from water or wind are a good export product as the knowledge we acquire here about these technologies can be used in delta regions around the world. Zeeland also has a large number of industrial companies, which means there are plenty of opportunities to reuse large volumes of residual heat and thus save energy.

Reliable and stable supply of energy

The great diversity of ways in which energy is generated in Zeeland ensures that companies have a reliable and stable supply of energy. Energy is produced by the Borssele nuclear power station (the only plant in the Netherlands), in a biomass plant and gas-fired plant, and by way of solar and wind energy. Added to this, tests on tidal energy are currently being carried out by way of turbines in the Eastern Scheldt Storm Surge Barrier.

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