• Doing business across borders means growth, but it also involves a lot: which laws apply? Are there any incentives I can make use of? How do I find the right partners? And what about taxes? Thanks to our extensive network, we will find the right party to help you with these questions. Impuls Zeeland has extensive networks in various countries worldwide, such as in Germany, the US and China. These networks often work together with local partners. They can help you by providing information about:
  • promising sectors;
  • local laws and customs when it comes to doing business;
  • local trade fairs and events;
  • trade organisations and other organisations in the country that can help;
  • potential agents, business partners, distributors, manufacturers and customers.

Our network

Our network consists of various networks, such as:

  • Embassies and consulates. They promote the interests of the Dutch business community abroad and create opportunities for them.
  • Netherlands Business Support Offices (NBSOs). These offices can help you with market information about the respective country and with finding business partners.
  • Trade & Innovate NL. Connects Dutch entrepreneurs with each other and with clients abroad.
  • Evofenedex. The network of Dutch trading and production companies active in logistics or international operations.
  • portunities for them.

Arno Sijnesael

International Trade Manager

Kristel Snoeij

International Trade Manager