The core of the port area today consists of the ports of Vlissingen and Terneuzen in Zeeland and Ghent in Flanders. They are located on both sides of the Western Scheldt and each has their own advantages and specialties. Both are managed by North Sea Port and are renowned for their quick turnaround times and good hinterland connections. Plus, the proximity of Antwerp and Rotterdam brings huge benefits to the companies located here.

Facts & Figures

  • The strategic location, the rich port history and experience, as well as excellent connections with other European regions all play a fundamental role in the success of Zeeland Seaports.

  • There are more than 525 companies located in the North Sea Port port area, of which 200 companies in Zeeland. Including major players such as Dow Benelux, Elopak and Yara.

  • The companies in North Sea Port contribute around 13.3 billion euros annually to the Dutch and Belgium economy.

  • More than 66.6 million tons of sea freight is transshipped in the port

  • 56.6 million tons of barge is transshipped in the port

Versatile port

Zeeland Port is a versatile port with facilities for, and specialists in, dry bulk, wet bulk RoRo, containers, breakbulk, offshore, industry and food. This makes North Sea Port a major player in various markets. In fact, you could say Zeeland is the undisputed number 1 on a number of points:

  • in the Netherlands, in the field of storage and transshipment of conventionally grown fruit.

  • in Europe, in the storage and transshipment of timber products, fertilizers and modules for offshore wind energy.

  • in the world, in the storage and transshipment of non-ferrous metals.


The port area of Vlissingen extends all the way to Borsele and consists of several docks. One of the best known is the Bijleveldhaven which has developed into true food port with specialized companies such as Kloosterboer and Verbrugge located here.

Vlissingen is a deep harbor (depth of 16.5 meters) and has a wide harbor entrance of 350 meters. It also has direct access to the North Sea and the Western Scheldt. All these assets make Vlissingen especially attractive for the Offshore industry. Consequently, the construction and maintenance of various wind farms will also be carried out from here. Indeed, it is for this very reason that BOW terminals and Heerema have located here.


The port area of Terneuzen is located along the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal, which is a major inland waterway connection. Indeed, the ports in this canal zone extend all the way to Ghent.

The port of Terneuzen has a depth of 12.5 meters and a 40 meter wide port entrance via an extensive system of locks, which will undergo further construction over the coming years to accommodate even wider and deeper ships. The new lock is expected to be up and running by 2022. It will be 427 meters long, 55 meters wide and 16 meters deep, and will allow access to large seagoing vessels up to 366 meters long, 49 meters wide and 15 meters deep.

This port area is also home to a large and important chemical cluster in Europe. Major players such as Dow Benelux, ICL-IP, Yara and Cargill are located here.


The port company North Sea Port and companies in and around the port firmly believe that co-operation pays. Consequently, they have joined forces in PORTIZ: Port & Industry Zeeland.

PORTIZ is committed to improving the business climate for industrial and port-related companies, to promoting political and social support for industrial activities and sustainable development.

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